Michael Jordan once said, “obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

Recently, I have faced a lot obstacles, more than I thought was possible to come across in the short span of 7.5 months. There have been numerous times where I call my mom or my best friend crying saying “I just don’t think I can do this.” Though my mom’s advice is always heartfelt and amazing. “You can always come to me,” she always says. But my best friend sent me a text saying, “Kelly! *slap slap * pull yourself together!” now if she was there, I definitely could have used a nice crack across the face… I was being very negative and pessimistic. (Not my usual self.) But, the virtual slapping was followed by “You need to do this on your own! You are a strong, independent, beautiful woman! …to succeed you need to believe in yourself.” And both my mom and my best friend were right.

Lets just say your life is a book, there will come a time when you need to stop rereading the last page and move on to the next chapter. Personally, fear is what was stopping me. But fear has NOTHING on you or me. Fear gives us the motivation and achievement of overcoming things that scare us most. One of my biggest fears is starting over & being alone. It is a lot scarier than I thought during my senior year of high school. But today, I made a decision that I know best suits me. Now, being selfish is never pushed or encouraged by people, but when it comes to your happiness and your mindset- that is the time to be as selfish as can be. Never put yourself in circumstances that have the ability to risk your self love or self happiness.


So this post is just to tell you to dream a little bigger…
because if your dreams don’t scare you like hell,
you’re not dreaming big enough.





1 thought on “Obstacles

  1. I really liked this Kelly! All of them are truly great but this one is my favorite… so far haha. Keep ’em coming my friend!

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