Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 

Living on a college campus, you see a lot of different types of people; besides the stereotypes, you see individuals and then you see groups. Whether it is the group of girls who all dress alike or its the table full of athletes (from behind you can’t tell who is who) there will always be people who like to be known for who they are with their friends… not just who they are. If all your friends got taken out of the picture- who would you be? (Now this isn’t saying that your friends can’t shape who you are, because mine sure did.) All I am saying is, if you feel like you can’t wear what you want to because your friends wouldn’t like it or you can’t watch your favorite television show in your room because your roommate will think your crazy or if you don’t want to go to that party because you want to catch up on sleep, but you go anyway because you don’t want to be a loner- if you’re not going to be you, who will?

Now I am going to take a minute to explain to you the difference between being shaped by your friends and being who your friends want you to be. A personal example is a friend I made in grade school who taught me that there are always going to be people who will laugh at you or tease you or not understand you- and that’s okay. But that friend, along with my group of friends from high school taught me that your friends don’t change who you are nor do they ever judge you for being you. Some people in my group of friends dress really nice, some live the party life, some express themselves through music and some are just a medium between all of the above. When you start doing these things for you- that’s how you know who you are. There are few people at my University that I am completely comfortable being my complete self with. By complete self I mean my awkward, way too loud, chatterbox, picture taking, dancing like a fool, hair in a bun, colorful sneaker wearing-self. I am sad to say it took me until recently to realize that I feel like two different people at home and at school. But I have been working on changing that and through it, I am learning a lot about the people I have associated myself with here. If I am not going to be me- who is going to?




So just be yourself, because the original is always better than the copy.






1 thought on “Original

  1. Yay! Another amazing post! I am so happy you have found this escape. You’re truly an amazing writer and you should continue to share it with the world! Also, you’re now being read internationally. That’s pretty freaking awesome. Congrats 🙂

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