Henry David Thoreau once said, “not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

My life this year, has been on autopilot. Literally. Alarm goes off at 9:03am, take my medicine, shower, get ready, and head to class. I recently realized that our futures are assumed; both by us and by society. This is how our generations lives “should be”: go to college, get some sort of degree (or equivalent) probably be in debt from college, get a job to pay the debt, live with your parents after college for a few years, buy an apartment and a car, get married, have kids, keep working. It is a never-ending cycle that has no place for any possibility of being extraordinary.

I want passion, which is why I write. I want to publish a book and travel the world. But where does that fit in to my scheduled life? Where does that fit in to our life expectations? I want to have the zest for life that a child has when the ice cream truck drives down the street. I want to wakeup in the morning without alarms and expectations. But until that happens, I am turning off autopilot and I am grabbing the wheel and directing my life in whatever way I choose… but right now, I don’t know where that is. Where are you going to school in the fall, they ask. I don’t know, is always my answer. I’m lost. I’m nineteen and lost. But, I’m not afraid to lose myself. Because, it is when we are lost that we find our way.

So remember, it only takes one step to begin a journey.



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