“Our fate lies within us, we just have to be brave enough to see it.”

People have told me that I need a reality check. These people seem notice when I stare at blank walls and smile or when I tell them I want nothing more than to be happy. But what they do not seem to do is believe in me. When I tell people I want to work in the medical field it is all shoulder pats, high fives, and “i’m proud of yous.” When in reality, I just want to help people. If i could get paid to write and take pictures and be able to make a living for myself and a future family – please let me know if that dream job exists. But, I do not want to work in journalism or in any english major; I want nothing more of my life than to help people who cannot help themselves.

Ever since the age of three, I would come up with elaborate tales. I would sit down with my friends, pull out our dolls and improvise what fairy tale I had come up with. My barbie was what I wanted other people to see in me. At the age of dolls, you worry not about whose doll is prettiest with the longest hair and the skinniest waist but who has the doll with the best story; the best life.

My brother is, was, and always will be the athlete in the family. While I am, still, and always will be cheering him on the sidelines. When I did play sports though, I often found myself picking flowers in the outfield,dancing down the court, or spacing out when I was supposed to set the ball. Everyone’s famous line was “You’ve got your hands full with that one.” And still today, my parents have a lot on their plate with me. Whether I am second guessing my major or second guessing my abilities. When I am designing a new room for myself instead of planning my future. “She needs to take a tall glass of reality.”

We have been taught since the age of picture books that the sky isn’t the limit; not for Peter Pan and Wendy, not for James and his bean stalk not for Aladin and his magic carpet, and sure as hell, not for you.

Life takes a lot of bravery and a lot of self valiance. No, you might not be the kid fighting cancer or the little girl who is picking change up off the streets to get a new pair of shoes. But the battles you face, are just that, yours. Sometimes the scariest things in life are going to your first boy/girl birthday party, getting asked to prom, passing AP US history, or switching your college major. Bravery is not just for knights in shining armor but for all of you.

Please keep in mind that you have 1,440 minutes a day to over come a fear. So live this life, because it is the only one you have to live. Do one thing a day that scares you; whether that be skydiving or getting rid of that pesky spider. There are no limitations on your ordinary acts of bravery.



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