To the ends of the earth

Saint Augustine was quoted to say that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Starting in May, I had made a mindset to make this summer MY summer. Nobody was going to stop me from doing what I wanted to do. (Besides mom & dad of course) But, I did a bit of traveling this summer. Nothing extensive. To say my first year of college was a transition, would be an understatement. I couldn’t wait for summer and to see my friends. But most of all, like every other summer, I couldn’t wait to make this “THE BEST SUMMER EVER!”

To start summer with a “BANG!” I went to California for a week and it was incredbily beautiful. I stayed in Santa Monica, visited Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Universal Boardwalk, Warner Bros Studios (set tour) and Pepperdine University. Before my next trip, my friends and I decided to road trip to visit one of my very good friends from college in Wisconsin. We decided this at 6pm on a Thursday night… to say it was in impulsive decision would be correct but to say it was successful would be an understatement. My next “trip” was to a cottage in Michigan with one of my very best friends. We slept on the boat, watched fireworks over the lake, went tubing, and I read two books during the course of a week. (Now THATS vacation!) Soon after, I went to Lake Geneva with my family for the weekend and that was the perfect addition to “relax.” We walked around the stores and went to the pool, the men went golfing while the women…well…we shopped of course! For a college kid, on a college kid budget, I feel pretty accomplished that I provided for myself this wonderful of a summer (besides the family trip and a few birthday dollars from mom and dad).


The point of this post was more personal and not for any other purpose then to remind you that when you travel you learn more about yourself. So take the time to travel and do the impossible. I bet when my mom said “you can go to California if you buy your plane ticket and save your money” she didn’t think I would do exactly that. I learned that though I am no A class chef or world famous teacher BUT I do love food and I do love photography- so saying that traveling and I go together hand in hand… sounds like as good of a pair as macaroni and cheese.



So are you stressed over work or school or boys? Don’t be. Don’t skip stages in your life. If you are 16, stay 16. If you are in college, remember you are in college. Wear your heart on your sleeve, blow your money on food and gas money and clothes. Because there will come a day where you are 45 years old, stuck in a cubicle wondering why you were so eager to grow up so fast.

-Kelly Anne


P.S. I recently created a Facebook page for this blog and a “fan” messaged me asking to do a personal blog post. So here yah go viewer!

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