How Do You Perceive The World?

Criss Jami, says “if love is blind, than maybe a blind person has a greater understanding of it.”

Today at work a customer came in, she was blind, so I had to leave my register and help her do her shopping by guiding her throughout the store; reading various labels, prices, brands, and handing her/ thoroughly describing the produce she wished to purchase. During the entire time I was with her, I kept thinking to myself about how hard everything must be for her. Yet, she was smiling and telling me about how much she loves to cook and bake. I’m glad she couldn’t see my facial expression because I was completely in shock to hear all the things she loves doing.

What amazed me most about this woman was that she not only was happy but that she was one of the most genuinely kind customers I have had the pleasure of helping.  I have customers who come in yelling, screaming, swearing, talking on the phone, unable to speak english, or just completely ignore me. What reasons do they have to hate and be mad at the world? The one woman who has every right to be angry or sad is thankful and genuine and absolutely one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

So, I guess what this post is trying to reach out and say isn’t how you perceive the world… it is more of how does the world perceive you?

Maybe we should take the time to be thankful for the things we do have instead of the things we don’t. Maybe be happy that a relationship happened and kept you happy instead of focusing on the pain of losing someone. Maybe instead of allowing our elders dictate what is right and wrong, and purposely disobeying them; you listen to your heart & your mind and make the decision because you feel like it best suits you. Maybe instead of going to work mad because you have to work, you should be grateful you have a job. Maybe instead of pointing out the flaws in other people, you should first point to the mirror. Maybe if we smiled at a random person a day, they will smile back. Maybe instead of complaining about being bored, you go out and do something spontaneous!  And maybe, just maybe, if you give more to the world, it will give back.


So remember, you are a wonder. You are an amazing site to see & a lovely thing to behold. You are the beauty of flowers, the rainstorm that destroys them,  the heart of the gardener who planted them, and the dreams of the little girl who picks them. You are a perfect balance of calm and terrifying.  So don’t ever be afraid to know your worth. But more importantly, don’t forget to recognize the worth of others.








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