My Brother

Michael J. Fox said that “family is not an important thing. It is everything.”

 Oh how much we appreciate our boyfriends and celebrate them with anniversaries, our fathers with Father’s Day, and our grandfather’s with grandparents day. But, I feel as if we are missing a holiday to celebrate our brothers. 

When parents know how something will turn out or doubts you due to their experiences; a brother will support you even if he knows the outcome will not be pretty. Brothers will always be the ones who support you creating your own experiences. Somewhere through time the brother you used to take wagon rides with turns into one of your closest friends. 

While I know that my dad is the number one man in my heart, my brother is also one of the most important guys in my life. Why you ask? 

Well, my brother will be the first to tell me that the “boy who got away” was the guy who was “not worthy” of me. He knows when someone isn’t good for me, and even when I don’t admit it, I believe him and know he is right, which is why I get so dramatic.  

My brother will always be the one to support me and hold my head high when it feels like the world is crashing down. One of few people who will see me at my worst and still look at me like I am my best. Though, I am a daddy’s girl, there will be and have been times that sometimes you need to talk to your brother as a friend, not as an opinionated family member who only wants the best.

One of the best things about my brother is that he is like my bodyguard. I remember in grade school a boy made fun of my friend and I and after school my big brother and 5 of his high school friends barely said one word before the boy was apologizing to me and asking for my forgiveness. Who needs pepperspray when I have my big brother on speed dial?

My brother and I could look at each other and bust out laughing because we are thinking the same thing. My dad kind of rubbed off on my brother and I because we are “people watchers.” Not as creepy as it sounds. What I mean is that, no matter the situation we will always catch someone doing something embarrassing or goofy that nobody else will notice. But with no doubt in my mind my brother will pick up on what I am thinking in a heartbeat. We have the same sense of humor and the same love for classic Adam Sandler movies.

Lastly, my brother is my inspiration toward everything I do. I admire my brother’s dedication to sports and his big heart. Though I tease him for always being a “tough guy” I genuinely know that he too cares about stuff deeply, he just doesn’t like to show it all the time. And though he doesn’t frequently check Facebook for my blog updates, I don’t mind if he never sees this because this is my blog to you, my readers. I want you to read it and I hope reading it made you think of someone in your life that this reminded you of. Shoot them a text or give them a hug. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.


BUT! If you are one of the lucky ones that have a big brother, take the time to appreciate them. I mean whether or not they like it, they’re kind of stuck with us.





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2 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. This is so cute Kelly! I’ve always wanted an older brother haha.

    1. Yeah but you have a kickass sister 🙂

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