10 Realities of Being a College Student

Mark Twain once said, “don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

1.Every and anything food related that your college has to offer will be absolutely terrible for you. See that apple over there? Yeah. Go grab it and pay 3 dollars for it. Want a sandwich? Realize: that institutional food is either expensive or terrible for you.

2. Your expectations of “best four years of your life” might be mixed with the struggles of a college student budget, college exams, stress from classes, and the fact that you wore that shirt three days in a row.

3. Your world perspective significantly deteriorates- YOU are waking up at 8am. YOU are living off of the same random meat, type of potato, and various microwavable vegetables. You completely forget about the reality- wars, starving people, homeless shelters, etc…

4. Your books for classes are 1. never used 2. more expensive than your prom dress and 3. impossible to resell with all the “new versions” coming out every year.

5. You not only need to plan what your wearing tomorrow and what time you are going to wake up at but you need to know what you want to do with the rest of your life- no pressure.

6. Though the temptation to live on ramen and easy mac with be great- don’t break. Don’t do it. Your stomach and cholesterol will thank you later in life.

7. You will have to quit your “high school job” or “college pocket money” job to get an internship….that won’t pay. oh.

8. You dreamed of moving out into a dorm and it being like the rooms in shows like Zoey101. But in reality your room will have four walls, two beds, two desks, two dressers, some empty cans in your garbage, and a few pairs of jeans on the floor.

9. You will forever feel pressure to live the “college experience” BUT if you don’t go to that party on that one Saturday- trust me… you aren’t missing the next “Project X” it will probably be a crappy party, that the campus safety will bust in a few hours anyway.

10.You can’t wait to get out of your house and walk on your own… but there will come a few days where you call your mom or dad begging them to visit and supply you with groceries and hugs.

Trying to do a few more “list” posts. What do you guys think?




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