Someone Misses you.

Nicholas Sparks wrote in his book The Notebook, “My daddy said, that the first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away.”

Lately on social media outlets I have seen a lot posts about people being sad about being alone or bragging to their exes about being single. But behind all of these posts is a lot of hurt; a lot of questioning why they were let go. A lot of pain for being the one who was left behind. But please believe me when I say, someone out there regrets letting you go.

Whether it is someone who never asked you to that high school dance, someone who never answered a text, someone who said hi passing in the hall and never got your name, or someone who left you. Someone. Somewhere is shaking their head at the thought of letting you pass them by.

Acquiring the knowledge that you matter when you think you don’t, that someone cares when you think nobody does, when you feel alone- it is nice to know your feelings are wrong. When you are asking yourself “Why doesn’t anyone want to be with me” either 1. you’re looking in the wrong places or 2. you don’t realize that anyone you’ve met has the spark you left with them and any one of them could be wishing they pursued more or regrets walking away. Someone, does want to be with you. Whether or not you knew they liked you, whether or not you wanted to admit to yourself something was there-  you are appreciated.

Maybe it was the right person at the wrong time. Maybe you were scared. Maybe they were dating someone else. Maybe you are too good of friends. Maybe your family wouldn’t approve. Maybe they were just visiting form another state. Do not kill yourself with maybes. Be willing enough to put yourself out there. Daring enough to spark a conversation. I have met people who have found their significant other on Facebook or tinder as well as finding their significant other in Starbucks or their freshman english class… those are the people that took the chances.

Eventually, you find someone and realize you don’t want to let go- they will realize they were looking for you all along — so don’t let go. Couples break up and make up. Couples go over bumps in the road. Couples argue and yell. Whether or not you are somebody’s regret, that is no longer your worry. Be proud that somebody realizes the loss they have to face. Be happy that somebody sees your worth. But, don’t let an old flame burn you twice. As hard as it is to follow your heart, sometimes not asking anyone else’s opinion will help you make the right decision. And if you make the wrong decision, that is one mistake closer to making the right one.

So, don’t live a life of could haves. Grab the ones you love and tell them. Hug your parents. Kiss your dog. Call the person you love because you love them. When you stop thinking hard on every decision you make and just make the decision because you want to, there will be less regrets and be happier moments. Be smart enough to let go when something feels bad but be smart enough to know when not to let go. People who are meant to be always find their way back to each other. If you have a person you regret losing, have faith that you will come together if you are meant to.



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PSA: Everyone was suggesting I write about love. I am 19 years old. What do i know about love? What do any of us know about love? So here is my first post on love. I could probably write a novel.

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