To CatCall…

6 thoughts on “To CatCall…”

    1. There is absolutely no racism in this post. I am sorry if it came off that way- or if you feel victimized. But in no way, shape, or form was racism intended. They were merely just stories. I mentioned race in one of them because it was a story.

  1. You have an interesting writing style, but your arbitrary capitalization of certain words is hard for me, as a reader, to follow. Your ‘poetic style’ is grammatically incorrect, and all of your quotes at the beginning of your blogs are tacky, but if you consider them nice, you just do you. I’d like to do a quote, “this is water”

    1. I’m sorry you find my quotes to be tacky, I find them very inspiring and they fit well with whatever topics I am discussing. As for the “arbitrary” capitalization of words, I do that on few posts but when I do, I do it for emphasis and that is just part of my writing style. It seems as if you do not appreciate what you read on my blog, so just be aware that nobody is forcing you to read or continue if you do not wish to do so. My writing style is that of a college student, a regular college student, not an English or journalism major. I do not have a poetic style of any sort, I just write what comes to mind and it is my own style and I choose how to write it. Thank you for your thoughts but they are disregard your quote “this is water” because I have no idea what you are trying to say with that quote. Here’s an english lesson for you: always explain your quotes.

      That is all.

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