Sincerely, The Universe

This is a letter to you:
Because there’s going to be a time you unravel, come apart at the seams, untangle the knots that have held tight for this long, and your brain will start to unwind. There’s going to be a time when you feel like you’re not doing your best. When you sit in the silence and think about what can change, as you bite your lip and pick at your cuticles.

There’s going to be a time when you fall in love and nothing will be quite the same after that. Somehow, the sky will be bluer, the sun shines brighter, and every decision you make isn’t just a decision you’re making for yourself any longer. Every step you take, every idea that crosses your mind, not only affects you, but the person you love as well.

There’s going to be a time when you want to give up. On your candle-making business. On your 5K. On your relationship. On your dream. On your bucket list. On your life.

There’s going to be a time when only you know what’s best for you. When no amount of advice or research or wishing can guide you as well as your gut. And you will feel crazy for not listening to your parents who are “always right” and you feel stupid for asking your best friend for advice, you end up not taking.

And I know it can be hard to remember how brilliant you are. How your smile is unlike anyone else’s smile in the whole entire world. How you are an important and necessary  part of this universe. How your eyelashes so perfectly compliment your eyes. How your body hairs stand up when you’re feeling strong emotion. How your nose crinkles up so much that you snort when you laugh. How your eye brows seem to burrow themselves into your forehead when you are concentrated.

So sometimes all you need to do is remember the way it felt to blow out birthday candles when you were 8 years old, your breath holding the power to change the world. So be so very proud of yourself. For being here and for trying, every single day.


KellyAnne & The Universe



1 thought on “Sincerely, The Universe

  1. Lovely! Celebrate yourself, something we need to do more often.

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