You Were Warned About Girls Like Me…

Do you remember when your mother warned you?
’bout the one girl you would find when the time was right?
I am the old wives tale
with the lovesick sailors at my feet.
Poor men didn’t stand a chance, they were shipwrecked from one look.
Wave your flags and admit your own defeat.

I went through a phase of feelings as cold as stone.
I decided to break you before you could break me.
Call me a gorgon sister or one of The Sirens,
as I begin to tell my tale of adventure.
Am I the girl who promises the whole world?
Or the girl who got away because I am always running?
I learned to wait for nothing,
but let them wait for me.
They say I was Medusa.
– beautiful once, but nothing lasts forever.
So I wanted them to let me be a stone, glass heart.

So the time came when I started to dedicate my time.
I began to rearrange my truths,
and rewrite my soul.
Thus constructing the story that I wanted to be.

The character. The heroine. The gallant.
The one who walks through life with ease,
and with her head held high.

I have learned to survive with my sunshine still intact.
My heart still beats and warms my soul.
And you conduct electricity through my walls that I so longly built.
I know what I know, but I do not know what I believe.

I tried to not give a care in the world,
And somehow I still give them all to you.

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2 thoughts on “You Were Warned About Girls Like Me…

  1. gorgeous you, and perfect poem!

    1. thank you very much i appreciate the support

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