Free Spirit

“I’m a free spirit. I believe I’m here on earth to admire and enjoy it; that’s my religion.” – Alice Walker

I think that a free spirit cares about the right things. And it’s not clothing or what you are doing on Friday night. And it’s not always the things their parents told them was right or the traditions their grandparents held onto so tight. It is thinking about yourself- your life, your future. I guess some could say free spirits can be selfish- but selfish can sometimes be a synonym for independence. Free spirits tend to do things, well because, they simply want to do them. They live the life they want to live.

A free spirit is someone who has unconditional love for the universe, and if they believe that you are the one and they will always come back to you. If they love their pet, they will literally consider their pet to be apart of them. Their animals are reflections of themselves. The way they treat the universe as if it reflects their soul.

A real free spirit doesn’t mind being alone, they might even prefer it. They don’t mind sitting at home on a Saturday night and writing or drawing. They don’t mind being single. They don’t mind being in a relationship. They don’t mind not having tons of friends to hangout with. Free spirits usually don’t have one thing that defines them. Free spirits aren’t just labeled as “the football player” or the “dancer” or the “writer” or the “nerd” or the “band kid” or the “rave girl” or the “hipster.” There is not one word to describe them.

A real spirit lives in the present. They have the mindset that allows them to love every day uniquely and separately. It is not a learned mindset and there is no trick to it, it just happens. And quite frankly, contrary to popular belief, free spirits worry. They worry about what they believe in. They don’t waste their time worrying about tests, money, occupations, or parties. Yes, free spirits do have bad days too. That’s the important thing, a free spirit will have bad days and when a bad day does happen- the sky will be falling. Literally, everything they believe or see seems to be covered in clouds. But what makes a free spirit different than those of usual mindset is that, once the next morning arrives they know that it is a new day and yesterday’s mistakes were just that…. YESTERDAY.

Lastly, a free spirit is someone who HAS to try everything. They have to travel. They have to move away. They have to come home. They have to wear something strange. They have to try a strange hobby. They try everything. Which is why they are undefinable.  They don’t focus on the bad things in life. If someone was mean to them or bullied them or broke their heart: a free spirit is able to still shake their hand and accept an apology if an apology is given. They don’t mind if people think the way they live is impulsive or crazy because they are happy.

So, I feel like when people call me a freespirit they are saying I’m extraordinary. They aren’t saying “oh she shops at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel” BUT they are saying “she is incredibly happy.” And here is my secret: I am.

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