“Life is short, and opportunities are rare and we have to be vigilant in protecting them. And not only the opportunities to succeed but the opportunity to laugh, to see the enchantment in the world and to live. Because life doesn’t owe us anything, as a matter of fact, I think that we owe something to the world. And if we can just believe…” -Lucas Scott, OTH

For what seems like forever I have been writing, editing, rewriting, and doing some more editing. I came up with the perfect cover page and have been exciting my reader and audience as much as I can. I thought of doing a planned book release. Set a date, time, bring all my friends to dinner and celebrate! But instead I decided on a surprise release instead. Today, my book, The Lessons of Yesterday has been published through amazon and I would LOVE if you could check it out.

The Lessons of Yesterday is a book version of my blog. Basically, trying to help people think about the way they are living their lives. Helping people realize whether or not they are truly living the life they could be with the potential and opportunities that they have been given. Below is a link to buy the book or review it.


I would like to take the time to thank a few people personally with pictures and memories, for supporting me through the process of creating, writing, and editing this book.

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2 thoughts on “I PUBLISHED A BOOK

  1. Congratulations! I wish you every success 🙂

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