Be Who You Are Looking For

“She was never crazy. She just didn’t let her heart settle in a cage. She was born wild, and sometimes we need people like her. For it is the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours. And she was willing to burn everything for everything she has ever loved.  -R.M. Drake



What do you want out of life? Before you can put yourself into a relationship with somebody else you first have to be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself: who you are, what you want, what you can and can’t offer and most importantly be real. You must love yourself in order to allow someone to love you. You have to forgive yourself for your mistakes.You have to be kind with your heart and kind with your thoughts and you have to be kind to others, you have to spread kindness like glitter so it can find its way back to you (and you will never be able to get rid of it).

What moves you? What inspires you? What consumes you when you’re quiet?

Learn to add depth into the things you do; your conversations, your work, your relationships; your thoughts and your actions. Most importantly understand the qualities that make you unique and the traits that make you special- and love them endlessly. When you value yourself, you will not let others get away with mistreating you and when you love yourself enough, you will not accept someone who doesn’t love you just as much.

Just remember that the love you get mirrors how you really feel about yourself.



Kelly Anne


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