How They Feel

“How you make others feel about themselves,
says a lot about you.”


Unfortunately, you cannot make homes out of humans. You are your own home. Your house nay have some broken windows, some scratches on the floors, and there may be a lot of locked doors. But know that the fire that burns inside the fire of your soul, is not there to keep other people warm. Your heart is not a light switch for other people to flick on and off as they please. Your legs are your own foundation, you cannot bear the weight of other people’s faults and regrets. Know that within your mind of bookshelves,  there is so much wisdom. Your laughter is yours, to light up the rooms of the home you have built. Never let people in just because they have knocked at your door. Once somebody uses you as a doormat, be sure the door is locked next time they decide to come knocking. The color in your eyes, reflects the blue skies that lie ahead, they are windows to your soul. There is a vase right in the center of you, where all your dreams are beginning to bloom. This vase is yours. This house is yours. Never place the only set of keys, in somebody else’s pocket. 


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