“I am deathly afraid of almosts. Of coming so very close to where I want to be that I can almost taste it, almost touch it, then falling just a little short.” -Beau Taplin





My 21st birthday was one week ago and it was amazing. The people I love always remind me that I am loved back. Whether they are in another state or they joined me for drinks, I was constantly reminded that I was on other people’s minds. Due to the fact that 2016 has been tough on me, I have decided to make some goals for this next year for myself. Until June 8, 2017 when I am 22.

In retrospect, I have realized that I had hit a point in my life where I was just lost. I had moments where the light inside me would begin to glow, but it was always dimmed, it never shined quite bright enough. Lately, I have put all my energy and all my focus into finding myself (which is why there is such a delay on my next book).  I am taking the time to talk to all 14 thousand of you, my readers, because I realized that I cannot be the only one who goes through and who feels these things. “What do I want?” “What am I doing” These are questions that are constantly floating through my head. I have dedicated a lot of my time to setting my sight on what I want, and then taking all the steps I need to, in order to get there.

For the next month or so, my blog will be under a little bit of construction. I am purchasing an actual domain. And I have a few summer trips planned, which means that I am going to attempt to make some travel vlogs for you guys to join me on my trips.


Not too much advice or lessons for you to take away today, but just remember it does not matter how slow you are going, just that you do not stop!



Kelly Anne



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