Far Enough..

“Travel Far Enough; You Meet Yourself.”

– Cloud Atlas




Currently, I have an ache to wander. I have feet that want to walk on new ground, taste buds that want to savor new flavors, hands that want to touch hands with strangers, and a brain that wants to look above oceans & mountain tops. It is really cool traveling because you can be whoever you want to be. This is the time in my life where I want to be everywhere that I haven’t yet been.

No, traveling is not for anyone. Heck, if you’re scared of flying or boats or maybe just fear of getting lost… you do not need to travel. I think the cliche of having to travel in order to fulfill your life is incredibly untrue. In a sense, I do believe that everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone and out of the only circle they’ve ever known, but that is because that’s how you grow.

This is the time where I am starting to apply for graduate programs, look for “real jobs”, saving my money up for future rent and life expenses. Am I considered reckless for blowing my money on trips every summer? Am I boring that I would rather save money for a fun night in somewhere new, rather than spend that money on alcohol every weekend? To each their own; I suppose.

But to me traveling doesn’t always mean flying across the world and not knowing the language of the city. Sometimes traveling is as simple as driving three hours North to a pretty lake in Wisconsin or driving an hour & a half SouthWest to Starved Rock. Cracking open any sliver of the world that I have yet to come across, that is travel to me.

Traveling has allowed me to gain confidence. Confidence in my abilities and my smarts. It is freeing, it allows us to become molded into someone outside of our usual selves. But most importantly, traveling allows you to discover passions. Whenever I find myself miles from home- I truly discover what I miss and what I believe in (because nobody is expecting anything or holding me accountable for anything I do).



So, understand it doesn’t really matter where you go, how long you do it, or how far away it is… It just matters that you go.







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