Oh That Freshman Year

“Beautiful girls were made to do hard things; don’t forget to believe in yourself.”




As my senior year is rapidly approaching (in less than a week). I have decided to take the time to write an open letter to my freshman year advisor, who told me what I could and could not do as a student. An advisor who told me what I was not capable of. I had gotten into the direct admission program of my choice, it was hard and very nit picky but I was one of the selected. As an advisor you are supposed to mold and teach me. You are supposed to reach out and help me. But, instead, you waited until my struggles consumed me and then you took it upon yourself to call me in for a meeting to tell me to change my major. It wasn’t a suggestion and it wasn’t advice: I was told to consider a different field of study.

I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom, I called my dad, and I even talked to my roommate. As a freshman, my life could be so easily influenced by someone of authority. So if you, my advisor, didn’t think I could do it…  I must not be able to do it. That day I signed an intent to transfer document, with pen in hand and confusion clouding my thoughts, I walked to my dorm room and decided to research other colleges. I couldn’t sit in this negativity any longer. Due to transferring, not all of my credits from my first college went to my second college… and that being one of the classes I took my freshman year.

I have put off taking this class since then and now that I am a senior it is on my fall schedule. I have found myself incredibly anxious, nervous, and filled with constant doubt in my ability to pass this course, yet again. Because…clearly I “barely” was able to the first time.  But this is where I prove you wrong. This is where I show you what I can do. This is the time when I pass this course and keep my high GPA. This is when I graduate as a well-known blogger and author (with 2 books) for sale, that I get to give your college no credit for my successes. 


I may have fears- but I am not my fears.

So, it is so important to know that in order to brave, one must understand fear. Not just know what their fears are and know ways to avoid them – but to truly understand what ignites that fear. 



Kelly Anne


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