Everything matters

“In the end, everything matters.”

-13 reasons why.













I chose to start this post with a very “hyped” Netflix show and popular book titled: 13 Reasons Why.  I just finished watching this series about a week ago and I knew I had so many things to say, but I just didn’t know how to say them…
Like most kids, I grew up in a small school where everybody knew everybody. (This can be both good and bad.) Unfortunately for me, this included being bullied throughout junior high. Which, led into me being very concerned about a lot of unnecessary things going into high school and even college.

I recently just started discussing my college graduation with my parents and a bell rang in my head… this is it. I did it.


The version of me sitting cross-legged at my computer, with my dog at my feet, and the band city and color playing on my computer; is the version of me I have always wanted to become… I just didn’t know it until now. I used to constantly break myself into pieces trying to fit into other people’s puzzles. Now, I simply understand that instead of spending my time breaking into pieces to fit in, I should be embracing my pieces that allow me to stand out.


Little self-bragging here- but how many college students have a blog with so many loyal readers, have traveled to an abundance of places, published two books, made two honor societies, and are still graduating college on time? … NONE. Just me. I am unique.


And that is the thing, you are too. Your oddness is what makes you incredible. People will mock you and put you down. I read a tweet recently that said “In video games you know you are going in the right direction when you encounter obstacles and enemies.” Because you do not get to the top by being loved by everyone. There will be people who make fun of you, there will be people who put you down, and there will be people who simply just don’t understand you. But you are not their’s to understand. The only way you will find peace in this world is to just keep being you.


So remember, there is nothing more beautiful in the entire world than people who are in love with every breath they take.






1 thought on “Everything matters

  1. Great blog post Kel!!! Again, so stinkin proud of you! Love u missy.

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