What is it?

I wrote my first blog post my freshman year of college. I had been writing and contemplating publishing something public for a while but it wasn’t until my finger was trembling over the “submit” button that it all became real. The Lessons of Yesterday is a blog dedicating itself to sharing everyday lessons that I learn, with you, my readers.


Why does it sound so cliche?

Quotes are like mini-instruction manuals for the soul. Words have enough power to change how you feel. Verses have the power to end wars, end relationships, start a trip, and start a new beginning. All you need is the power to believe in these words and they will be there for you.



The Author:



Kelly Knorr: Writer, Author, Blogger, and dog-lover.

Here are some miscellaneous facts about me that are probably useless but I’ll tell you anyway:.

  1. I consider myself a dad joke connoisseur.
  2. I’m a firm believer in the power of coffee. 
  3. I love dogs but I also have a cat, so I’m a cat-dog person.
  4. I believe that Elf is the greatest movie of all time.



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