Read This…

“…and the remarkable truth is this: When I stopped interrogating myself about what went wrong, I began attracting everything … that was right” -Alfa             I got off the phone with one of my best friends earlier and explained everything that has happened.. and she said “Kelly, I am proud … Continue reading Read This…

Oh That Freshman Year

“Beautiful girls were made to do hard things; don’t forget to believe in yourself.”       As my senior year is rapidly approaching (in less than a week). I have decided to take the time to write an open letter to my freshman year advisor, who told me what I could and could not do as a … Continue reading Oh That Freshman Year

Far Enough..

“Travel Far Enough; You Meet Yourself.” – Cloud Atlas       Currently, I have an ache to wander. I have feet that want to walk on new ground, taste buds that want to savor new flavors, hands that want to touch hands with strangers, and a brain that wants to look above oceans & … Continue reading Far Enough..


“I am deathly afraid of almosts. Of coming so very close to where I want to be that I can almost taste it, almost touch it, then falling just a little short.” -Beau Taplin         My 21st birthday was one week ago and it was amazing. The people I love always remind me that I … Continue reading Update